#HopeHealsBook Release Party + a very SPECIAL GUEST

YOU'RE INVITED TO THIS DIGITAL VERSION OF OUR BOOK RELEASE PARTY! Watch the video to hear us read two HOPE HEALS book excerpts and see an interview with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST! 

Thanks to Matt McCartie (for the video) and Katie Gibbs (for the event photography below). {FUN FACT: our book cover was shot at the same venue where we threw this party...Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook}



"Jay and Katherine Wolf have had our respect for years, but they have our hearts too. They’ll soon have yours. Hope Heals isn’t just a beautifully written book, it’s a duet by two people who love Jesus and love each other. It’s a book filled with a score of authentic high notes and painful low ones.This book isn’t just a moving story, it’s a song sung by two humble people and what they have learned about love when the cadence of their lives unexpectedly changed." 

BOB & MARIA GOFF, Balloon inflaters and author of New York Times bestseller Love Does